Writing in Plain English

I am back! It has been three years since my last post. So much has happened during this time. Let’s just say, a lot! The world, and my world, have changed. Since I posted ‘Deep Value Everyday in Brazil,’ this blog has garnered more or less 5,000 views – something that any famous blog or Substack might achieve in just a few minutes. Nevertheless, considering the very limited publicity of this blog, I am thrilled with these numbers. It’s about quality over quantity. Thanks to this blog, I have had the opportunity to connect with many interesting people, and I am very grateful to all my readers.

Many of my readers were very brave. They read the entire post ‘Deep Value Everyday in Brazil‘, which has more or less 40 pages if printed! I am sure that many more readers are curious to know what I have been doing, but may not have had the patience or time to read everything. It is my fault that I failed to provide a plain English explanation of what I do. I am going to correct this soon. You don’t need to have any knowledge about financial markets, accounting, or financial statement disclosure to understand this investment philosophy. Yes, there will be some simplification, but you can read ‘Deep Value Everyday in Brazil‘ to handle it!

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