The Author and This Blog

I am a lawyer and self-taught investor discussing value investing and applying Deep Value in Brazil.  The objective of this blog is to show and discuss the results of my studies.

It is impossible for me not to put some sense of humor in this journey.  The name of this blog is inspired in Baby Herman cartoon, in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”.  Baby Herman is a 50-year old man in the body of a 3-year old baby.   He is the embodiment of extremes: age and youth.  This condition is clearly said in the quote “The problem is I got a fifty-year old lust and a three-year old dinky”. Something similar happens when you are a self-taught person: there are things you know very well and others in which your knowledge is very poor.   You have to live with that and your development will be different.  Maybe a little bit bumpier, but always fun!